About Coffee Tranquil

Nestled 3700 feet above from sea level near the foothills of Western Ghats of Chikmagalur in the southern Karnataka eco belt is a heavenly place called Coffee Tranquil within the lush green coffee plantation.

Chikmagalur itself is a beauty town which gives you a warm welcome, when you want to stay away from the hectic city life. Stay in our homestay always drives you through its scenic beauty, lush green coffee plantations, enchanting mountains, streams and off course a pleasant, chilling and romantic weather conditions. So imagine a place which is in the foothills of Western Ghats

Coffee Tranquil Home-stay is spread over 150 acres, landscaped by god adding to the beauty. We firmly believe eco conservation, awareness and stress relief of the corporate world are the two things that are need of hour and we have made sure we have everything in place to achieve this two point agenda. We have facilities to accommodate all age groups, be it lovely children's, be it lonely couples, be it a happy family, be it a enthusiastic Bachelors or be it mighty elders

Hospitality, Conserving Nature and showcasing it to the external world without much interference to it are our main priorities